As they rarely describe their motivations, I hereby outline the likely steadily growing resistance to continuing the support of the Ukranian side in the struggle. I have the Danish scene in mind, but please correct me if wrong.

The first group are the people that always belonged to the left. The U.S. was and is the main enemy, and everybody fighting the U.S. is basically right. They consider it obviously right when Putin presents the Americans as self-serving hypocrits. Democracy is a sham.

The second group are fundamentalist supporters of various religions, in the West primarily militant Christianity. The woke liberal democracies undermine the core pillars of Western societies with the traditional family at the centre.

Putin is the present main defender of those values and must therefore be supported in his fight against the slide towards immorality. Democracy is irrelevant if it does not stand-up in the defence against the slide. If necessary “strong patriotic MEN” such as Putin, Orban and Erdogan must command the bulwark against the satanic destruction of values.

We at the centre are under siege from both Putin and our own left and right.

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