Seeking the views and experiences of veterans from the Šekovići Brigade on the VIS mountain on the night of 29-30 April 1994 involved in fightning Danish UNPROFOR tanks at Sarači and in Kalesija. I also seek what local civilian witnesses remember.

I am a retired Danish brigadier general and professional military historian now trying find out what happened why during that night, and I cannot do that without your contributions.

My initial question is what triggered the shelling of Sarači just before 11 p.m. on the evening of 29 April?

What did the residents of Kalesija and on VIS remember about what happeded around midnight in their places?

I am interested in any recollections and pictures.

I am also interested in personal notes and any surviving diary pages.

It was a event in the history of our countries that I want to understand. It left killed and wounded as well as chronic PTSD damage on several of those involved.

Personally, I did not serve in UNPROFOR, but some years later I got friends when I had staff course students from both Banja Luka, Sarajevo and other places in my college in Tartu, Estonia. I would be grateful if they would spread/share the search.


Michael Hesselholt Clemmesen
Brigadier General (retired)

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